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The Fire Department of the Village of New Hartford, NY

Our Mission shall be the Protection, Preservation and well being of the Health, Safety and Property of all persons residing, working or otherwise within the Department's Fire District. We will always provide Fire Safety Education to any and all groups interested, to promote Fire Safety and Prevention at all time! We will strive to protect Life from the destruction of fire as it may occur. And, furthermore, make every effort, within our ability, to reduce the loss of property during such fires. We will, whenever called to do so, provide the highest level of Medical Care to the Ill and Injured.

We're here for you! 24 hours a day, seven days a week, protecting lives and property throughout our community. Our current membership consists of 23 Emergency Medical Technicians, 10 sworn Fire Police Officers, 7 Fire Investigators, 4 Certified Fire Instructors, 10 Hazmat Technicians, 1 Hazmat Specialist, 9 Safety Officers.

The New Hartford Fire Department is actually two separate and distinct organizations.

The Fire Department is a true department of Village Government. It's Chief is elected by the membership as well as all the fire officers. The Fire Department is responsible for the prevention of, and extinguishment of fires as they may occur in the district. Additionally, over the years, the scope has evolved to include Emergency Medical Service, Hazardous Materials Response, etc.

In addition to the Fire Department, the New Hartford Firemen's Benevolent Association, created in the early 1930's, was established to maintain the health and welfare of it's membership. The Benevolent Association maintains a slate of "civil" officers that includes a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and the like. This organization is made up of all current and former active members of the fire department.

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